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We are pleased to be partnering with My Environment, My Future (MEMF) - a free educational programme that inspires young people about the exciting careers available in the Built Environment, delivering resources to over 300 UK secondary schools.


Last November, GetZero and MEMF were awarded a grant from Innovate UK to pilot a series of climate workshops in schools with an accompanying web-based tool for measuring impact. This series will focus on the energy crisis whilst supporting the transition to NetZero schools.


We are currently looking to work with teachers across all subjects to pilot a series of 8 extra-curricular workshops with students. Students will gain an understanding of the energy crisis, how it plays a part in the climate crisis and develop agency to take action at school, at home and in their future careers. Want to get involved? Sign up here or email


We are excited to have the support of Innovate UK - the government's department for research and innovation, and look forward to empowering students to develop their school's NetZero strategy.


GetZero will be underpinned by the Skills Builder Universal Framework, which shows how to build essential skills at every stage of life.

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Innovate UK is part of UK Research and innovation and supports businesses to develop and realise the potential of new ideas.

We are proud to co-create GetZero with the students of My Online Schooling, an online Cambridge International School; and Minerva Academyan accessible online independent school.

Featured Work

Shortlisted for the Hustle awards 2022 in London in the Early Stage innovation category. 

Blog post featured in Startups Magazine "Climate anxiety — A GenZ Superpower?'' written by our CEO, Olivia.

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